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    David Saraha
    Configuring Dreamweaver access to the Customer Portal StudioAnswered
    Topic posted August 5, 2008 by David Saraha, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Configuring Dreamweaver access to the Customer Portal Studio

    Hello there, we're trying to configure Dreamweaver to access the ustomer Portal Studio. We've followed all the steps but get stuck when we have to log in. I'm not sure if our userid has rights to use the RightNow site?




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    Leif Wickland
    Dave posted an overview of WebDAV options here. The summary follows.Adobe Dreamweaver’s WebDAV client has significant shortcomings including
    • being unable to use an HTTP proxy,
    • being likely to fail when accessing servers across the Internet due to low latency tolerance,
    • and being slow due to making redundant requests.
    Unfortunately, all versions of Microsoft Windows except Vista SP1 have limitations that should make you think twice before using them as the WebDAV client for Dreamweaver.The best WebDAV solution on Windows is to use a third party WebDAV client, such as NetDrive or WebDrive, which can mount the remote folder as a local drive.Mac OS X’s WebDAV client can also be used to reliably make remote files available to Dreamweaver.Some networks are configured to require the use of HTTP proxies, to deny certain types of HTTP requests, or both. Such configurations either hinder or prohibit WebDAV access.


    • JTropeano


      I got my hands on Dreamweaver CS4 installed on a PC (not a Mac), and am having the exact same problem. Is it me, or is the onerous issue your described before a CS4 issue?  Does CP not support CS4?

      - J

    • Leif Wickland


      I think it's fair to say that CP doesn't support design time on CS4.  We removed support for design time entirely in Feb '10 because Dreamweaver rendered content so poorly.