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    Pradeep Kumar
    Add related items automatically in sales orderAnswered
    Topic posted September 19, 2019 by Pradeep KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management, SCM, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Add related items automatically in sales order
    In sales order if an item is added and its quantity is greater than 10 then 2 more related items should add automatically


    Our client is in trading industry. So they often give offers or promotions to their customers.

    Now they have an offer that if the customer buys Item A and if the quantity is more than 10 then 2 promotion items (Item B and Item C) are free.

    So in sales order when Item A is entered and the Quantity is greater than 10 then Item B and Item C should be added by default. This option is available in EBS and the client was using that. Whether the same option is available in Fusion also, if so then please help me how that can be done.





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    Pradeep Kumar

    Hi Sunil,

    Thanks, we will try as per the document.






    • Sunil Dabekar

      Hi Pradeep,


      To my knowledge,we do not have a standard feature to address this much needed Industry requirement.

      However there is a work around to achieve this.

      Please refer the MoS id:  How to Implement Fusion Pricing Scenario - Buy X Get 1 Scenario (Similar to Promotions) (Doc ID 2223599.1)

      if you have credit check activated in your environment then please test carefully while adapting this approach.

      Also, the set back with this approach is - you can only give items in 0 price. Suppose if you have a scenario like 'other item discount' then it is not feasible to use this.




    • Shyam Singh Patel

      Hi Pradeep,

      if you expecting from EBS functionality point of view cloud have only one option as mentioned by Sunil. but that too very limited and you can not make product transformation rule each time if you are dealing hugely in promotion function.