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    Manjunath Bangalore Subramanian
    Oracle Data Visualization - Channel Sales Manager Content...
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    Oracle Data Visualization - Channel Sales Manager Content Pack
    Predefined Data visualization content targeted for Channel Sales Managers, enabling them to perform Self-service analytics on Channel Sales Data

    Introducing - Channel Sales Manager (CSM) Content Pack

    The Channel Sales Manager Content pack is a Data Visualization starter kit designed for use by a Channel Sales Manager, for self-service analytics on critical sales data. It contains a number of pre-built analysis templates and OTBI reports with rich analytical content that produces data driven insights. Pre-built connectors to Oracle Sales are included in the content pack thereby enabling analytics on actual data. Excel Samples are also provided for each analysis helping the user understand the analytical included in the content pack

    The following projects are included in the content pack -

    • Performance Overview – The Performance overview project offers visualizations providing insight into overall channel sales performance, team performance and also partner’s performance. In addition, a CSM can quickly assess top 10 partners, top customers, top products and top deals.
    • MDF Overview - The MDF overview allows a CSM to review marketing budget utilization based on the budget amount that has been made available to the CSM’s partners throughout the year
    • Partner Network Overview – Ability to view which partner programs are available to partners and which active partners have enrolled or not enrolled into those programs, as well as the status of partner enrollments.
    • Partner Pipeline – Includes Pipeline review and Pipeline Analyzer. Provides a CSM with a complete view of quota attainment for the current quarter and detailed analysis on the opportunities in the pipeline. The Pipeline Review analyzer shows the top partners by open revenue, as well as the total open revenue by sales stage closing in the current and the next two quarters.
    • Business Planning -Track and monitor which of the active partners have an approved business plan, and which of those plans have objectives that have not been attained yet.
    • Demand Generation – This project provides a CSM with the ability to monitor leads and their progress to opportunities, and also Deal registrations



    • Cais Champsi

      Is there anyway to change the Geo Coverage from a USA map to a UK map?



      • Manjunath Bangalore Subramanian

        Yes, Couple of ways to do it depending on the data you have.

        High level UK map is included in a couple of pre-loaded maps. E.g. Europe Countries. So If your data has UK geo data in it, then in the bottom left (in DVD) - select Geo coverage and select Europe Countries to show data mapped to UK region. 

        Second (& recommended way) is to load your own UK map data into DV and use that to map out your locations. See the link below to know how to create custom map layers in DV -

        Hope this helps. Do send me an email if you have more questions.