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    A common connector for multiple integration vs different...
    Topic posted May 19, 2019 by KAMAL HOSSENBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Adapters, Connection, ERP Cloud, Integration, REST, SOACS, SOAP 
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    A common connector for multiple integration vs different connector for different integration
    OIC connector


    We are integration ERP Cloud using OIC, here's my question below, please share your feedback if you know the about it-

     Considering- Cost and Performance what should be the best approach: A common connector for multiple integrations vs different connector for different integration?


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    • Ram Naresh Rayaprolu

      As a developer I would avoid creating different connectors for different integrations as this creates unnecessary redundancy. Go for having a reusable connector and I don't think it would affect your performance by any means. Coming to cost I believe Oracle charges based on the number of messages and message packs, I seriously doubt if it is based on the number of connections or integrations. You can talk to your assigned customer success representative from Oracle for more accurate information on pricing. Meanwhile you can go through the link below for having an idea about licensing costs

    • Kanchankumar Khedkar

      In traditional ICS, pricing was based on number of connections. However, with Oracle Integration Cloud, pricing in based on number of message packs and hence it should not have an effect on costing I guess. 

      In my opinion,  separating connections and integrations might have been done just to facilitate reuse. Assume a scenario which is not rare that end systems credentials have changed or end point is changed, in that case , if you have multiple connections then you will have to make changes in all connections and you my end up missing changes. Hence, i prefer to have a common connection if I can have. 

      Let us assume there is requirement that somehow you have to later on have a different connection maybe some special requirement, you can always create a new connection and replace it in an integration ( provided, "Only connection of same adapter type can be replaced. You can't replace a connection of Oracle Sales Cloud adapter with a connection of FTP adapter type."

    • Nisheeth Ranjan

      I would prefere logical grouping for creating connectors. For example if I have two Solutions, I would like to logically group all related integrations and create two separate connections.

      I dont think it would impact the pricing.