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    Ujwal Joshi
    Defaulting the Context for inventory ORG
    Topic posted November 15, 2019 by Ujwal JoshiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud 
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    Defaulting the Context for inventory ORG

    Hello All,

    We have context sensitive DFF on misc transactions form ...we have multiple contexts for each inventory orgs ....

    Customer want to default the context for each inventory org it possible ?

    As I can see in manage inventory org under Additional Information information tab context LOV is there but it is coming blank for me....

    Let me know what I'm missing here ....?

    For more info see the attached doc...

    Please suggest ?





    • Lynn Warneka

      If you provide what you are trying (I don't see an attached doc), we can try and see if we can assist.  

    • Ujwal Joshi

      Hello Lynn,

      Greetings !!!

      Actually on customer environment, enabled DFF on Misc. Transaction form, customer have multiple contexts for that DFF, 1-context for each inventory org ...

      What customer is looking is below:

      1) Customer want to restrict the DFF context to inventory org ....if this is not possible, then at least default the context for inventory org ....

      For ex when we go on the Misc Txn form, user need to manually select the DFF context, instead of manually selecting customer is looking for defaulting it for inventory org....