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    Ian Vogt
    How to use Manage Processing Constraints for B2B work order...
    Topic posted June 5, 2019 by Ian VogtRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Order Management, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    How to use Manage Processing Constraints for B2B work order release status
    Need to apply a processing constraint once a work order is released



    • Sandeep Kurur

      Can you please elaborate? What are you expecting the processing constraint to do in this case?

      • Ian Vogt

        Hi Sandeep

        We have a requirement to not allow updates to the Sales Order once the related work order  line has released. all work orders are being created as unreleased. 

        The Sales order can be modified, qty, dates etc until the work order is released, after that Sales will need to contact Manufacturing to negotiate changes to the work order 

        I was thinking that using the PL/SQL Procedure option would enable the Processing Constraint to stop changes to the sales order 



        • Sandeep Kurur

          You are right. You can write a PL/SQL Procedure based validation rule set in your processing constraint to meet this requirement.

          • Ian Vogt

            Thanks Sandeep, do you know of any white papers I could use to assist with creating the PL/SQL Procedures

    • Venkatesh Malapati

      The work order details/statuses are not synchronized to Order Management and there is no visibility to work order attributes in the processing constraint. It is not possible to write Custom API based processing constraints in cloud. Custom API based processing constraints was possible only on-premise and is not supported in cloud.

      If the customer need to look at the work order to determine if a change should be allowed, they will need to write an Order Management Extension to look at the work order by linking the order line with the supply line and work order.


    • Ian Vogt

      Thanks Venkatesh

      Is there a way to determine if the fulfillment line is has a PO created on Back to Back fulfillment line in processing constraints? 

      I would like to constrain changes to the Sales Order lines once the Back to Back PO has been created

      Also is there a process I need to run for the constraint messages to display in order management?