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    Daniel Klinger
    Merging of Learn and Learning Idea Groups? Is currently a...
    Topic posted May 8, 2019 by Daniel KlingerGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged Idea Labs 
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    Merging of Learn and Learning Idea Groups? Is currently a bad idea!
    Please help. These two things are very different products.

    Trying to weed out what you are voting for? Becomes near impossible as the older Taleo Learn Idea section seems to be getting flooded by OLC (Learning) Ideas.

    Please help and separate out the noise. It is beyond frustrating to understand if the idea applies to one product or the other.



    • Heather Hagedorn

      Hi Daniel,

      We have two separate idea labs for the different Learning products.

      Learn Idea Lab (Taleo/TEE)

      Talent Management Idea Lab  (The Talent Management Idea Lab is for all Ideas associated with Performance and Goals, Career Development, Talent Review and Succession Management, Profiles and Learning (OLC) and Recruiting.

      • Daniel Klinger

        Hi Heather. I totally get that and appreciate your response.

        I am not a moderator (by far) of the Ideas lab. But the ideas are just sincerely piling up in the wrong place.

      • Daniel Klinger

        Heather, I think I got to the root cause for you.

        You can navigate to Taleo Learn and Learning via the forums via two different links from the Forums listings. You may be able to but it is not obvious how to do that from the Ideas Listings provided. See the image below.



    • Heather Hagedorn

      Thank you for bringing it to my attention.  I'll work with internal resources to review and explore some solutions to help with this confusion.

    • Art Parry

      I agree with Daniel Klinger.

    • Gordon Cooke

      Appreciate the guidance text at the top of the Ideas pages.
      In the spirit of clarity, can I suggest making a further enhancement by hyperlinking the guidance text "Talent Management Idea Lab " to the correct space and perhaps adding the link to the Additional Idea Labs listed on the page   There are two Talent Management Idea Labs in the "Additional Idea Labs" listed on the page, neither of which is the correct space for Learning customers.

    • Heather Hagedorn

      Hi Gordon,

      Thank you for your suggestions.  I have added some links in the top page of the Idea Labs. 

      Good idea!