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    Puneet Goyal
    Attachment for Drop Ship and Back to Back orders
    Topic posted August 19, 2019 by Puneet GoyalRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Order Management, SCM, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Attachment for Drop Ship and Back to Back orders
    Attachment for Drop Ship and Back to Back orders to Requisition or Purchase Order

    I am trying to create a Sales Order (Drop Ship and Back to Back) with an attachment at line level but not able to see attachment on Purchase order. 

    I found a note which says attachments do not move for Back to Back but it should happen for Drop Ship Orders.




    • Shyam Singh Patel

      Hi Puneet,

      Test one Dropship and Attachment flow from Line to Line. Go to PO Schedule and check.


      • Puneet Goyal

        I tried one. 

        What is Line to Line?

        I created a SO and attach a document at line level. But cannot see it in schedule or line or header.

    • Sunil Dabekar

      Hi Puneet,


      Shyam is indicating for a drop-ship order flow. Are you checking it for B2B flow?


      B2B doc flow is supported only where Work orders are involved. meaning if work order gets generated from a back to back sales order it will inherit the docs that is attached at sales order header level. 




      • Puneet Goyal

        Hi Sunil,

        I am from Sales Order to Purchase Order (Both Drop Ship and Back to Back).


        • Shyam Singh Patel

          Hi Puneet,

          for Dropship Flow, I can confirm this is seeded. only Line Level Attachment flow from OM to PO Line. SO header level attachment does not go to PO header. I might be wrong but after testing I'm confirming this in 19C. for B2B(Buy) Flow I need to test it.


          • Puneet Goyal

            Thanks Shyam for confirmation. 

            I need to move SO line level Attachment to PO line, which you said is working.

            But I am not able to get that working. Is there any specific setup for this?



    • Puneet Goyal

      I think I found what the issue was.. I was using a custom attachment category.

      I did a test with Miscellaneous which is the standard one, it worked for Drop Ship.

      Is there any way we can do the same for Back to Back also.