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    Jennifer Wolfe
    Security setup for users who are creating BI reports
    Topic posted September 30, 2019 by Jennifer WolfeBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, Reports, Tip 
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    Security setup for users who are creating BI reports
    What job role does an employee require to create and run BI reports

    Morning everyone, 

    We are currently implementing Oracle Expense Cloud. Our BI team has created some reports but when they run them they only see their own data. When I run them I see data for all employees. I need help creating a job role specifically for these users to create reports and view all employee data.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    • Santosh Kumar Bhairi

       BI Platform Author Role

    • Senthilrajan Vaithianathan

      Hi Jennifer,

      I think your question is more specific to data visibility for BI Users.

      There is no Comprehensive BI Role that has visibility to all the data in Oracle Fusion Cloud, you are able to see more data as you may have different roles with right Security Context's assigned for Ledger's/Business Units.

      (Line Manager/ Project Manager, Expense Auditor/Expense Audit Manager, Expense Manager)

      For getting more data for the other users, they may need to get access for different roles with right security context's.



    • Prateek Parasar

      Whats the subject area in question? Based on that assign the role and attach all the required context values in assign data security 

    • Michael Cook

      Hi Jennifer,

      The Roles you assign to a user usually have some level of BI Role associated to them being BI Consumer, Author etc. These can be found in the IT Security Screens> Roles and by picking Line Manger for example you will see that that role has BI Roles associated to it.

      So if you had the scenario where you wanted to create one dashboard showing reports on a persons Expenses, Time and Labour, Workforce Management you would need the roles assigned to see the data with the respective Data Role  (View_All) and then make sure that they have the Data Access Set (as shown above) in Setup and Maintenance to view the data against each role.

      To give them just data access (i.e they just need to see the data in reports and not the icons on the UI) you would create a bespoke Role for the position by copying one in your Application, deleting all the content so nothing shows in the UI and do the same for the Data Role but leave in the data references. Then you can assign these bespoke roles to the user.

      The user will then be able to read the data in reports but not see the relevant functionality.

      For roles that allow reading of BI Content etc. there are tables explaining these in the Cloud Documentation under BI Reporting in HCM, ERP and SCM.