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    Stacee Patterson
    Supplier Onboarding Form
    Topic posted February 6, 2019 by Stacee PattersonRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Supplier Creation 
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    Supplier Onboarding Form
    Process for Supplier Onboarding

    Would anyone be willing to share their supplier on-boarding form and process flow to create new suppliers? We currently have three separate systems / processes in place for supplier setup. With Fusion we are trying to combine the processes to create a more streamlined approach for supplier creation. Thanks for your feedback!

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    • Hong Gao

      There is an existing conversation on supplier on-boarding and the use of supplier portal on this forum:

      You can onboard supplier through self service registration.  The registration URLs can be configured based on business relationship of prospective or spend authorized.  The registration process is also subject to approval which creates the opportunity for the procurement organization to set up approval routing that best fits the business processes.  Suppliers are created upon approval.  For spend authorized supplier, an additional approval for spend will be triggered and supplier will not be authorized for spend until this part of approval is completed. 

      Please share your business use cases and requirements so that we can better assist with your questions.