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    Tausif Mulla
    How to reconcile between subledger and GL ?
    Topic posted September 23, 2019 by Tausif MullaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Allocations, Configuration, Financials, General Ledger, Help Center, Payables, Period Close / Reconciliation, Receivables, Sample Reports, Search, Setup / Administration, Subledger Accounting, Tip 
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    How to reconcile between subledger and GL ?
    How to reconcile between subledger and GL ?


    We are using AHCS (ASL) through which entries will be posted in GL. As part of reconciliation, we would like to reconcile between subledger (ASL) and GL. We would like to confirm and cross check what data lies in ASL and what data is posted in GL. This is to make sure all the data in subledger (ASL) gets posted to GL.

    Which two reports can ensure this through a proper reconciliation between subledger (ASL) and GL ? Our requirement is to compare amount by amount seperately in subledger and seperately in GL.

    We found the below reports:

    1. Account analysis by legal entity report

    2. General ledger and subleger Accounting by Journal lines report

    3. General ledger and subledger Account Analysis Report

    4. Subledger Detail Journal Report.



    • Krishnan Venkatachalam

      ASL looks like an external system. Here are the ways to make reconciliation happen:
      1. Enable accounting hub - This way you load transactions as a Sub Ledger within Oracle
      2. Enable ARCS TM - ARCS is a recon tool that Oracle has and does an amazing job of Transaction matching (You can match Transactions -> ASL Journals -> Journals loaded into ERP)

      Considering that ASL is posting entries today already (vs transactions into Oracle), I would assume Option 2 is the better choice for you right now..