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    Logan Wacker
    AP Payment Approvals
    Topic posted February 27, 2019 by Logan WackerSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Cash Management, Financials, Payables 
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    AP Payment Approvals

    Hi All:
    We have two business units currently defined, and we want to start using the Payment Approval BPM Rule. For one BU we want to auto approve all payments generated for invoices selected, and for the other we want to route the PPR payment approval to a group of users. Can I select business unit as criteria for routing, or do I need to use something like PPR name to control routing?





    • Ujas Bhatt

      you can define payment approval BPM rule for payment amount, bank account, pay group, PPR name, PPR template,  payment method etc,. 

      There is one conation "PPRMultiSelecetionCriteria" which does have Business unit in it. You may try to see if it works for you. 

    • Suresh Kumarasamy

      you can create the PPR template and select the BU in the template, based on the BU names which is defaulted from PPR template to Payment request, you can call the condition "PPRMultiSelectionCriteria.BusinessUnit" and default the approval by business unit.


      If any PR goes without BU name, then system will through the error. so you can make the template field as mandatory.

    • Logan Wacker

      Hi Suresh:

      Thanks for the follow up, if I use PPRMultiSelectionCriteria.BusinessUnit do I need to make length(), lower case, upper case, or can I just leave it as PPRMultiSelectionCriteria.BusinessUnit ?



    • Logan Wacker

      Hi Suresh: 

      I've defined my approval rule and now am triggering error messages citing that my ruleset is incorrect. The BU I site is valid, what am I missing?

    • Logan Wacker

      Please disregard, figured it out.

      Thank you!