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    Venkat Ch
    Standard Currency Conversion in EPBCS ?
    Topic posted September 13, 2019 by Venkat Ch, tagged Calc Manager, EPBCS, Financial Planning 
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    Standard Currency Conversion in EPBCS ?
    Standard Currency Currency Conversion in EPBCS?

    Hello, With EPBCS I believe there is only Simplified currency conversion available. But with this we loose the opportunity to load in "Local" currency with entities in the ROWS with different currency types. Now users have to select correct Local Currency several times and load in the form which is painful.

    Has anyone overcome this issue with Standard Currency setting? Any other options available ? 




    • Peter Lim

      why dont you try building currency conversion without using the standard functionality? you can then define your own currency dimension with the local member and create a calc manager rule / member formula to calculate the converted amount.

    • Manish Daga
      Simplified Currency allows planning in multiple currencies for an Entity. However, if you want to restrict the currencies available to a User & implement something like Local Currency there are two options. You can create a user variable so that the users can set the currency of their choice for data entry. Alternatively, you can create a valid combination rule between Entity and Currencies to restrict the currencies by Entity.
    • Matt Treml

      This old post should help on some options that were discussed.