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    Migration of BPA from EBS R12 to Cloud R13
    Topic posted April 3, 2019 by GAURAV JAINRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Agreements 
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    Migration of BPA from EBS R12 to Cloud R13
    Migration Issue - BPA Amount Released

    Hi All

    We are migrating BPA from EBS to cloud. Our client wants to have original BPA amount Agreed  , unlike our old idea of having only delta amount( Agreed Amount - Released Amount )

    Can you please let us know if you have any idea on how to migrate the Amount Released - in Current FBDI there is no feild to populate it ?

    Another idea is to create a dummy PO for Amount utilized , probably adding a dummy line for existing BPA and creating a dummy PO for that line so that amount utlized gets reflected , post that marking that line as expired.

    Can you please share your thoughts on how this was handled in your experience / or please share best practices on migrating BPA and releases.


    Gaurav Jain 



    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Gaurav,

      My suggestion would be to go back to the customer and understand the business reason why they want to migrate the original Agreement Amount instead of the unreleased portion. If they insist in bringing it, my suggestion would be to capture it in a DFF attribute.



        Approvals work agreement amount. So if we reduce this to delta balance of contract - then any revision on those BPA wouldnt follow full approval hierachy as amount has reduced significantly. 

    • Prasanth Bobbili

      Hi Team,


      Please can you let me know the best practices for open Blanket release Migration from one Oracle instance to another Oracle instance with different versions.