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    V S R Niranjan Kumar Puvvada
    Legal Reporting Unit - Tax Registration
    Topic posted October 14, 2019 by V S R Niranjan Kumar PuvvadaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Legal Reporting Unit - Tax Registration
    Legal Reporting Unit - Tax Registration

    Hi Wizards,

    In the context of India, the customer has one Legal Entity and multiple locations in different states.  A Legal Entity is created and the locations are created as Legal Reporting Units and Tax Registrations for both Legal Entity and Legal Reporting Units.

    At the AP Invoice Header, I am choosing Legal Entity and at Invoice Line level, I have to select ship to location, in the list of values, I see, only the locations defined under task Manage Locations.

    How can we map Legal Reporting Unit with a Location (defined under Manage Locations) / how to select the LRU at Invoice Line level.

    Appreciate your inputs.






    • Somdeep Talapatra

      Hi Niranjan,

      Request you to provide the step by step screenshot of the issue being faced. 

      Also, I request you to please provide the screenshot of LRU setup and LRU association of your locations.




      • Somdeep Talapatra

        Based on the information provided, this seems to be best addressed through the Service Request Process.   We recommend you submit a Service Request (SR) via My Oracle Support (MOS) for assistance.  Go to MyOracleSupport to reach a support analyst.