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    Guru Perumal
    Custom report extract from Oracle Service Cloud
    Topic posted February 4, 2019 by Guru PerumalRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Custom report extract from Oracle Service Cloud
    Custom report extract from Oracle Service Cloud

    Hi There,

    We have a custom report created in Oracle Right Now which is reading the data from multiple tables, up to 6, I guess. 

    If we run the extract manually for all the records, I get the below error

    "The report could not be processed because it exceeds the query size limitation, please reduce the amount of data processed by the report". 

    I modified the filter so that, it would fetch maximum 10000 records only and it is works fine. However, I have to extract approximately , 1 million records and manually performing this task is tedious. 


    To avoid this, I have written custom PHP code that would run  the report with the range which would fetch less than 10000 records and it is working fine. ex: My report has filters on Incident Numbers as start and end. so , I always provide the start end numbers to be less than 10000. I have designed the code to provide the start and end range for up to 200000 records and code split them to a batch size which is 10000 and the the code will run the extract and get the records and save them in a file. and I am downloading this file to local machine.

    the challenge here is... this is working only when the range I have provided extracts only up 30-40 k records (20MB) , if the record count increases , it is failing. 

    Any inputs are much appreciated. Thanks.



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    • Rajan Davis

      Hi Abhi,

      Can you attach this report?

      I would recommend using the REST API instead to pull this information instead. If you use the osvc-crest-api-access-token, you can have long running scripts that should be able to pull a million records fairly easily (depending on how many columns you are retrieving).

      If you can provide an example of what you need to pull, I can write an example script in Node, Python, C#, or PHP.

      Kind Regards,


      • Guru Perumal

        Thanks Ranjan.


        I need to pull the data from a custom report. and my requirement is to pull upto 1.5 million records. 


        Please let me know what additional information is needed, I can provide the details. Thanks.