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    How to use the 'Query-Database' feature in BPM
    Topic posted November 14, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, How-To 
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    How to use the 'Query-Database' feature in BPM
    How to use the 'Query-Database' feature in BPM

    Customers and Support,

    We receive a lot of questions around the requirement to send notifications to users that are not part of the seeded user routing designed in our Self Service Procurement flows. This article, thanks to my colleague Khalil (an expert in approvals), finds its way for your review and explains the feature that you can potentially consider to meet a few of these asks.

    As always, do provide us your feedback, observations and ratings so we can understand if these articles are indeed as helpful as we expect them to be.




    • Gopalakrishna Bulasala

      Thanks Ashok. Its really useful.

      But, i have tried this for one of our requirements on sending purchase order creation failure notification to requester as well along Buyer (seeded task sends notification to buyer only).

      Its not working as expected. Can you please help on this.

      Expression used:

      orcl:query-database(concat('select pu.username from po_headers_all pha,po_lines_all pla,po_line_locations_all pll,po_distributions_all pod,fusion.per_users pu where pha.po_header_id=pla.po_header_id and pla.po_line_id = pll.po_line_id and pll.line_location_id=pod.line_location_id and pod.DELIVER_TO_PERSON_ID=pu.person_id and pha.po_header_Id=',/task:task/task:payload/task:DocumentId),true(),true(),'jdbc/ApplicationDBDS')



    • Ashok


      I would love to help but Self Service Procurement might not be your go-to here. For best results, you may wish to post this specific question in the Purchasing Forums Lab. The reason is that the data model for Purchasing is something they are innately familiar with and it would be quicker response time for you.

    • Martijn Duijn

      This looks great! With query flexibility in BPM you can virtually return anyone you want, without the user having to be present in the actual payload.

      Is it possible to utilize this function inside rules of a rule-based participant as well?
      For a lot of customers I am missing some variables inside the payloads to get the correct conditions and workarounds are in place. If we can find a 'missing' variable with this it should be possible to always have rules that meet their business needs.