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    Bhargava Ganapathiraju
    'Summation of Amounts accross Cost Centers' Based...
    Topic posted November 10, 2019 by Bhargava Ganapathiraju, last edited November 10, 2019, tagged Approvals 
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    'Summation of Amounts accross Cost Centers' Based Approval
    'Summation of Amounts accross Cost Centers' Based Approval. This is presently possbile for AP Invoice Approvals, Oracle mentioned the same cannot be achieved for Requisition Approvals.Any work around?
    Oracle Procurement Cloud 19C
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    • Ivan Pena

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    • Ashok


      I thought I had responded to this earlier but looks like it did not take.  Have you reviewed the Whitepaper for Approvals within Procurement? Attached is a document for reference. Please review Section 3.1.4 that discusses User Defined Attributes and how you can configure and use a summation attribute for Currency (Amount). This is the only available support. Take a read and see if this can be leveraged. There are no other viable workarounds if this does not meet your requirement.