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    Ganesh Golla
    "Page break before" option on column is not...
    Topic posted April 17, 2019 by Ganesh GollaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Management Reporting, Narrative Reporting, Report Packages, Smart View 
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    "Page break before" option on column is not working after embed grid into doclet
    "Page break before" option on column is not working after embed grid into doclet

    Hi All

    I'm trying to embed a grid from Reference Doclet(Report type). I have enabled "Page break before" option in the report.

    After embed the grid into the Doclet, the grid is not considering the page break option. All the column are trying to fit in the same page itself.

    FYI: when i preview the whole report, the report is coming as expected (page break option applied)


    Ganesh Golla







    • Dave Roberts

      Hi Ganesh,

      The "page break before" setting is only for PDF output of an MR report; it is not applied in HTML preview, import as ad-hoc to Excel, or inserted as embedded content.  For embedded content, behind-the-scenes the HTML output fo the grid is transformed into a Word table.  For more control over "printed"/PDF output of an MR grid in a report package, it is recommended to use a PDF report package, if possible, where the entire MR report can be inserted as a doclet and the output will be PDF.  I understand that a PDF report package might not be feasible, depending on your use case.




      • Ganesh Golla

        Thank You Dave, for the quick update.

        Do we have any feasible work around for this issue.

        Below are the work around currently i'm following:

        • If there are less number of columns (less than 6), i'm trying to adjust the font size and column width to fit into the page.
        • If there are more than 5 columns, change the page orientation to Landscape (definitely this looks odd while preview the Book)
        • Still it is not working, i'm splitting the grids into multiple ( which is consuming lot much of time, when i have formula rows/columns)s

        Thank You

        Ganesh Golla