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    external logout?
    Topic posted December 12, 2008 by cjamerlan Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    external logout?
    I have pass-through authentication enabled on our Customer Portal and woudl like to know if there is anyway to trigger the logout functionality externally.  When logging out from the Customer Portal, it does not log me out of my external system, and vice versa.  Any ideas?



    • monique perkins

      In general when using PTA most customers just remove or disable logout functionality

      If you are running Nov 08 or later there are code hooks around the logout function that will allow you to write a model that hits your own server at logout. 

    • cjamerlan

      is there documentation on how to code this?i have two scenarios that I need  to address:


      1.  clicking logout from CP will trigger our site's logout

      2.  clicknig logout from our server will trigger CP's logout


      I tried writing a PHP script that will delete the cookies to trigger a logout, but it doesnt allow me as I get an error message about headers already being written.

    • Ernie Turner
      When you use PTA to log a contact in, we disable the logout link within Customer Portal. This means that users cannot encounter scenario 1 so you only need to support scenario 2. The documentation for this is within the integration manual which you can find links to here.
    • cjamerlan
      can you please repost the links to the documentation?  The link in the thread takes me to a blank page.  Thank you!!
    • Ernie Turner

      Odd, the link still seems to be working fine for me. This is the URL I was trying to link to was



    • cjamerlan

      I am getting a page with the following copy:



      Permission Denied

      This answer is no longer available.


    • Ernie Turner
      It sounds like you don't have the correct permissions to access that answer. I would try to either contact support and get your permissions changed, or just try searching for 'RightNow Integration' on the Customer Community answers section.
    • cjamerlan

      i did a search for "RightNow Integration" but did not come up with results that were desireable.  I have the integration manual PDF, but there is no mention of documentation regarding the logout feature for PTA.  Would it be possible to send it to me via email?  If so, please send to


      Thank you!

    • cjamerlan
      can anyone point me in the right direction with the documentation?  Thanks
    • Christopher Tarabochia

      I just sent the documentation to your email address above.



    • Maciej1
      Hi everyone,

      My main problem is that when user logs in from external website it then can't logout from CP and if he logs out from external website he can still go back to CP and be log in there. Then the only way to log out user from CP is to delete the cookie. What I would like to do is to log out the user from CP when it logs out form external website.

      It seems I have the same problem as cjamerlan and I couldn't find anything about external logout in integration manual (I'm using August '08 version).

      Could you please send me the documentation regarding this subject? My e-mail:


    • Mark Ericson

      Hi Maciej,


      You are correct that logout is not documented in the passthrough authentication documentation of the integration manual.  The following is a technique you could use to force logout from CP when a user does a logout from your external website.


      Logging out from a website, including CP, is essentially invalidating the user's authenticated session.  In the case of CP this would involve destroying these cookies when a user logs out from the parent site.   Destroying the cookie must be done from PHP code running on the CP site.  You could use the following technique to force the logout during your site's logout process:
      You should create a function within a custom controller (ajaxCustom.php for example) which when hit would destroy the ‘cp_session’ and ‘cp_profile’ cookies.
      Example Process:
      1.       User clicks logout on parent site.
      2.       Parent site logout logic occurs.
      3.       Parent site redirects user to RN logout page (e.g. /enduser/cci/ptaLogout.php [Classic] or /ci/ajaxCustom/ptaLogout [CP])
      4.       RN logout logic occurs, destroying all login/session cookies
      5.       User is redirected to the parent sites logout success page.

      Hope that helps!



    • Robert Lund

      Once you are on a CP page, you can use the following call to remove cookies and log the user out.