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    Carolina Silva
    Factor in configurable consolidation is not being applied...
    Topic posted September 13, 2019 by Carolina SilvaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Consolidation 
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    Factor in configurable consolidation is not being applied correctly


    I created a rule where in factor i selected "Specific %" and I defined 100%.

    After running the consolidation, the percentage applied is different, 104%. For example, if i want to eliminate 100%*500 it is supposed that in elimination appears 500. However the result is 520.

    I have the same issue if i select "current" and then "entity ownership %" or if i change the percentage. 

    Can someone help me, please?


    Carolina Silva




    • Dishil Shah


      Can you check when you don't deploy any rules then how much it is getting eliminated? Because here it may possible that whatever you are specifying in rules are addition to the same. So without deployed rules it is already eliminating 20 and now after the rules it is eliminating 500 more to the same.

    • Carolina Silva

      I already tried this. I only deployed this specification rule, all the others were undeployed.

      I have the same issue. So the problem is in this rule.

      • Keith Glide

        I think Dishil suggested un-deploying ALL configurable consolidation rules... maybe there is an elimination being processed through the Standard Elimination system rules (i.e. based on I/C a/c and Plug a/c settings in metadata). So the consolidation rule could be adding to an elimination posted by the system based on metadata settings. If you un-deploy ALL consolidation rules and have no elimination amount, and if the various rules within the problematic rule-set all have different destination POVs for each source POV (i.e. two rules within the one rule-set don't write to the same target POV and multiple source data-points don't write to the same target POV), then it would seem that the consolidation rule is at fault.

        However, I have used fixed elimination percentages (Specific %) in many tests and have never encountered an issue. If this persists, please raise an SR with a reproducible use-case that Support can review.

        • Dishil Shah


          Yes. I am talking about un-deploying all configurable consolidation rules only. Because sometimes due to standard elimination rules with different destination POV, it seems that consolidation rule is at fault.

          Otherwise we are also using the fixed elimination % and never encountered any issue.