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    Wendy Ware
    Expense Report Approval Screen Entirely Blank
    Topic posted April 5, 2019 by Wendy WareBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Expenses, Financials 
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    Expense Report Approval Screen Entirely Blank
    manager attempting to approve exp reports but approval screen coming up blank

    One manager experiencing this problem last few weeks: From the expense dashboard, when she clicks on the employee's name to view the report the Expense Report Approval window opens up but it shows completely blank.  See attachment.

    This is happening for all 4 reports that are currently awaiting her approval.  She has tried using IE and Chrome.  She has cleared her browser cache. 

    Another detail is she is actually the substitute for the manager, not the manager herself, but this is not a new arrangement.  She has been experiencing this blank screen only for the past few weeks but everything was working correctly until then.

    Anyone else experience this, or have advice to troubleshoot?

    Thanks, Wendy

    Rel 13 Version 18C



    • William McLarty

      I created an SR on this very thing.  Turns out that you need to be on the very latest version of the browsers.  I did the updates and all browsers worked (Edge, FIrefox, IE and Chrome)...

      • Jon Kelly

        Our browser updates didn't affect it, so maybe we had a different issue. That's another good one to check with our users if they see this again. Thanks!


    • Jon Kelly

      Hi, Wendy,

      We've seen the blank screen issue before and called it our "ghost approver" issue. Can you confirm if there was any itemization done on the expense items to pay using different cost centers (orgs) for the actual funding?


    • Kim Puls


      We have this as well. We call it the ghost approver. It happens, primarily on grant funds...when there is funding, from another area that has a different Cost Center Approver. The primary CCA can see everything and approve. We opened an SR but I can't recall what came from it...I'll ask my co-worker.

      For now the ghost approvers have asked us to manually skip them...or they reach out to the other CCA and ask for screenshots to review before being asked to be skipped.


    • Neelam Thakur

      Some users experienced a similar version of this issue from some browsers but not all. We asked them to from BPM and it worked fine or they used a different browser and it was ok.

    • Rohan Kamat

      We are experiencing this too . Seems its a bug from Oracle Side

      Ref : Approver Is Getting A Blank Screen When Trying To Approve An Expense Report From The Expenses Dashboard (ID 2454562.1 ) . This works in Chrome and Firefox , but not via IE .

      They said fix is scheduled for R13 18.05 patch bundle . But we are already on 19A Patch ,still with this issue 

      @ William McLarty : Which version of IE are you currently using ?