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    Colby Ross
    Incident Closures by Group - Analytics Cookbook Recipe
    Topic posted October 11, 2017 by Colby RossSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Incident Closures by Group - Analytics Cookbook Recipe

    Incident Closures by Group

    Total Closures versus Distinct Incident IDs


    Author: Colby Ross

    Difficulty rating: (Beginner) 

    Target persona: Department Managers, Staffing, Executive


    Overall description/use case:

    The target of this report is to Department/Executive Level Managers and Staffing departments a high-level overview of the total number of solved transactions being completed by their groups. This report will show the total times an incident was set to the closed status. In additional, it will show the total number of distinct incidents used in those transactions.

    Ultimately, this will help you identify which groups are closing incidents, how many times they are setting an incident into the closed status and provide you with a high-level view of how many closures per incident are happening per day. 


    3 Tables (incidents, transactions, and accounts).

    2 Inner Joins

    5 Columns using formulas (2 sum(), 1 count () & 1 date_group() )

    1 Conditional format

    1 Variable - Date Group 

    Charts (1 Pie Chart & 1 Bar Chart)

    1 Calculation

    Screen shot: 

    Special functionality usage:  To create this report and in order see a true glimpse of what your representatives are doing during the day, the transactions table is being used for our calculations versus the stats or incidents table. By doing this, you will see how many times an incident was set to solved within a given day versus just how many distinct incidents were solved. This is important because you may receive multiple phone calls on the same issue by the same customer or a representative might send an e-mail thinking the issue is resolved but then the customer sends in another update causing them to solve it out again. 

    Master Chef Approved (a.k.a. Data Validated)? Yes

    Included are the following (in a .ZIP file):

    • Human readable PDF report definition
    • Complete Report Recipe and Report Configuration Details (PDF)
    • XML Report definition