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    Haydee Mercado
    Issue for Expired Purchase Order
    Topic posted May 9, 2019 by Haydee MercadoBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Approvals, How-To, Orders 
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    Issue for Expired Purchase Order
    When a Purchase Order was expired, the PO status change to OPEN instead of being rejected

    Hi Gurus-

    Is anyone tried to setup an Expiration and Escalation setup for Purchasing Order? We have setup this configuration on our side but when a PO expired the PO status change to OPEN (which means approved) even we did not approved it instead of being rejected or even just remain as Pending Approval.

    I have attached our documentation here  for more clear view of the issue

    Will highly appreciate your inputs




    • Gopalakrishna Bulasala

      Default action is Rejected only and its working fine for us.

      Only issue i observed in your case is you have parallel approval configured with first responder wins. Within that you have default approval rule also triggered (page 3, applications development* = auto approve rule)  and hence as per first responder wins Application considering system default approvals and move PO to Open status. Please review your approvals rule and correct the same.


      • Haydee Mercado

        Hi -

        Thank you for the inputs. It really help a lot in understanding the overview functionality. However our problem is we can't just remove this Auto Approval rules as this were needed since the Purchasing approval task was a combination of New PO, Change Order and Agreement approval and we are using this auto -approval rules to make sure each transaction approval will work.

        If you have a way/inputs that we can do or use to make this expiration work with the approval flow that we have it will be highly appreciated.

        Thank you


        • Dhanya Nair


          As mentioned by Gopalakrishna, even i see issue with the approval rules being first responder wins. As you mentioned you need this auto approval in place, i feel these PO's will always be Auto Approved even if we have approvers parallely and hence we should look again into approval rules