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    Scott Hillier
    Report needed - Purchase Order with Lines + Requisition...
    Topic posted August 16, 2019 by Scott HillierGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence - BI, Requisition Processing 
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    Report needed - Purchase Order with Lines + Requisition with Lines + Supplier detail
    PO Req Supplier Report

    I'm after a report which has Purchase Order line level info along with the associated requisition and line level info and supplier info on it.

    There seems to be no OTBI subject area which allows this to happen, which seems a little crazy.

    Surely this must be a common thing that's required ?  Anyone have anything ?






    • Niamath Jeddy


      You can leverage the 'Procurement - Procure to Pay Real Time' subject area. It has PO/PR/Supplier information.



    • Scott Hillier

      Yeh I tried that one, sadly it doesn't have a lot of detail, whereas other subject areas have a lot more detail at line level etc.  Thanks for the reply though.

    • Ashok


      What is the detail you think is missing? In other words, what details are you specifically looking to generate a report for. As far as I am aware there are a lot of attributes available at Header, Line levels in Requisitions for instance. If you can be a bit more specific, I can review to see what we can do.

    • Niamath Jeddy

      You can try the 'Procurement - Requisitions Real Time'

      or you can try including both these subject areas and pulling columns for both of them by leveraging the 'Add subject area' feature


    • Scott Hillier

      Requisition Currency, Conversion Rate, Submission Notes, PO Approver, PO Submitted by, PO Line Unit Price, PO Line Currency - none of these seem to be available 

    • Ashok


      We are reviewing the above internally. I will revert when i have any update.

    • Scott Hillier

      Thanks Ashok

    • Maithily Kohale

      Hi Scott,

      Have you explored the Requisition Line Detail dimension from "Requisitions - Real Time" subject area?

      It has the following attributes - Currency Code, US Dollar Conversion Rate, Supplier Supplier Site, Purchase Order Number, Unit Price.

      PO Submitted By and PO Approver are not present in this dimension but once you add the "Procure To Pay real Time" SA, additional information like PO Currency is available. PO Submitted By - the "Buyer" attribute will help get this data.

      The "Purchase Order Lines" dimension from "Purchasing - Real Time" subject area, supplier PO Line Price.

      Let me know if this information is useful.



    • Scott Hillier

      Yes I have.  It doesn't have other columns I needed.  I was asked what detail I said was missing - so I listed the columns missing from procure to pay subject area above, rather than what I needed in total.

    • Maithily Kohale

      The requirement is to have the columns you mentioned in a single subject area, namely across the dimensions of "Procure to Pay" - Is that correct?