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    Ashish Harbhajanka
    Need Help in Creating a OTBI Analysis from Simple Logical...
    Topic posted January 6, 2017 by Ashish HarbhajankaGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged Discussion Forums 
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    Need Help in Creating a OTBI Analysis from Simple Logical SQL
    I am trying to create a Logical SQL which tries to identify all Person Records who have National Identifiers having more than one occurence

    I have attached the Logical SQL 1 which works fine and also Logical SQL 2 which also works fine.

    The combined SQL however does not works as expected.

    Details in attached word doc.

    Any help/inputs is appreciated.




    • Merrick Hartslief

      I assume you are trying to join the Identifier with the person query so you can see who has the duplicates.  I would suggest taking these to logical queries and using BIP do to the join.