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    Jennifer Bruce
    Creating new business classifications
    Topic posted April 20, 2017 by Jennifer BruceBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited April 20, 2017, tagged Public Sector, Setup, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration 
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    Creating new business classifications
    Looking to start using business classifications properly, and therefore potentially needing to create a lot

    Until now we haven't used the business classifications side of supplier management, but are starting to look to do so, using classifications in line with the UK Pro-Class supplier classification system.  This is going to mean we will need to set up a lot of new business classifications (if we go for a high level approach that will be 50-ish new classifications, an in-depth approach will be 500+ classifications)


    Is there a way to bulk upload values to the lookup table, or does it have to all be manually done via "set up and maintenance"?  I can see that it needs to go into POZ_BUS_CLASSIFICATIONS, but can't see any means of bulk uploading into this table; there is a bulk upload spreadsheet import supplier business classifications - but that seems to be amending the details of current suppliers held in the system to reflect current business classifications also held in the system 

    Thanks in advance





    • Hong Gao

      Your understanding is right.  There is no mechanism to bulk upload lookup codes like POZ_BUS_CLASSIFICATIONS.



    • Alan Ng

      Supplier business classifications stored in POZ_BUS_CLASSIFICATIONS are used to track supplier certifications such as minority owned or woman owned.

      Are the business classifications in the UK Pro-Class supplier classification system more similar to products and services categories supplied by companies?  If so, you can use the 'Manage Supplier Products and Services Category Hierarchy' setup task to upload them using a spreadsheet.