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    Contact's Login displayed in Chat Notification
    Topic posted September 19, 2017 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Contact's Login displayed in Chat Notification

    We are needing to include the contacts login field on the chat toast notification.  I have modified the CHAT_ALERTFORM_DISPLAY to include contacts.login but it is not getting displayed.  The same field is on the chat workspace and is displaying the expected login but don't understand why it is not being displayed in the toast.

    Thanks for the help.



    • Narendra Muttineni

      Why do you want display Login information in the Alert? As per my knowledge, it is not possible to retrieve login information in the alert.



    • Todd

      Thanks for your input Narendra.  We are implementing authenticated chat on non OSVC pages and are using the login field for PTA to identify authenticated vs. unauthenticated chats.  Seems strange that other contact fields can be retrieved and displayed like fname, lname, email etc. and this login field displays fine in chat workspace so one would think it could be displayed in the toast.


    • Simon Kilgarriff

      Could you possibly copy the contact login field to a custom incident field (either in Customer Portal chat pages somehow or via a Custom Process Model) and then custom incident fields can be displayed in the chat toast notification?  It might more effort than it is worth but that sounds like a possible way forward.


    • Narendra Muttineni

      Absolutely, it is right direction I believe.

      Create one custom field and pass user ID to that custom field. Through customer portal chat page, pass custom field value to the Toast notification.