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    Petr Sponer
    Terminology - Sales vs. Engagement cloud
    Topic posted October 7, 2019 by Petr Sponer 
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    Terminology - Sales vs. Engagement cloud
    Sales vs. Engagement cloud

    I wanted to take some free learning about Oracle products (especially for sales people) and I realised Oracle have Engagement cloud but the learning refers Sales cloud. I am confused. Why is there Sales Cloud when the product was renamed? Or was it not and are there 2 products?




    • Reghu

      Dear  Peter,


      Oracle Engagement cloud encompasses both Sales and SErvice modules.  Sales Cloud was former name of it (with only sales module), now its Engagement cloud.




    • Petr Sponer

      Thanks Reghu,

      but why is the learning missleading then?

      Thank for answer


      • John Thomas

        Hi Petr,

        The Oracle University (Learning) content in my experience has always had difficulty keeping up with the software releases.  My company had an issue where we subscribed to the Sales Cloud content, the content names were updated to indicate that the it was updated to a current release (I think it was R12 at the time) but the underlying content was still for a prior release.  More specifically, there was a fairly significant change in how Security was managed, the videos were for R11, but the links/labels indicated that they were for R12.  My advice is to just make sure that the content is current/appropriate for your release.  Updating the name Engagement vs Sales seems like it should have been done to eliminate confusion, but the critical part is to make sure that whoever is consuming this information is getting the right training.  I guess the naming confuses this a bit right out of the gate.


    • Reghu

      We need not worry much on that name.  We just have to keep in mind they are not two different applications rather one and the same. 

    • Jonathan Eastwood
      Its really Oracle not keeping up with their own name changes. Its actually not Engagement Cloud anymore either its Oracle Sales and Service Cloud. Think of Sales Cloud being the "Sales" aspects of the CRM being Leads and Opportunity Management and "Service" being Service Request and milestones.
      This should help