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    Adrian Lee
    2 Ask a Question forms
    Topic posted July 4, 2009 by Adrian LeeGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    2 Ask a Question forms

    I'm trying to build two AskAQ forms, one handles general enquiries, another handles complaints. Both has different set of fields.


    I'm thinking of having a hidden custom field called Incident Type that only has two possible values "Enquiry" or "Complaint". Enquiry would be the default selected value. first AskAQ form would not be a problem because Enquiry would be selected on default.


    But how do I change the value of Incident Type to "Complaints" once the user goes into the second AskAQ form? And is there an attribute to hide the Incident type field?


    Many thanks.


    • Parth Patel

      Hello I have the same requirement as  Adrian Lee.

      Two type of Incidents Question or Complaint.Have different assignment SLA and report filters on them.

      For question I do need smart smart assistant but for complaint I don't need smart assistant.


      I am thinking of having two different form with a custom field to separate the complaint and questions.Now for setting the default value on the particular page and for hiding it 

      1.First I will try to use the properties of the standard file input widget as Denise Meehan suggested.Or at last will try to add html attribute on the widget tag itself.I hope it will be assigned to the generated HLMT at the end

      2.I will use java script on both page to set the value in the field.Because at the end of the day we can set the value on the field (html dom)

      Will the javascript create any problem in the mobile pages ? 


      Can anyone help me with the smart assistant , How to disable it on the complaint page ?