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    Adrian Lee
    2 Ask a Question forms
    Topic posted July 4, 2009 by Adrian LeeGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    2 Ask a Question forms

    I'm trying to build two AskAQ forms, one handles general enquiries, another handles complaints. Both has different set of fields.


    I'm thinking of having a hidden custom field called Incident Type that only has two possible values "Enquiry" or "Complaint". Enquiry would be the default selected value. first AskAQ form would not be a problem because Enquiry would be selected on default.


    But how do I change the value of Incident Type to "Complaints" once the user goes into the second AskAQ form? And is there an attribute to hide the Incident type field?


    Many thanks.


    • Leif Wickland

      Are you building the forms as separate pages or are you trying to change which fields are displayed based on which type of question is selected?
    • Adrian Lee

      Two separate forms. The AskAQ form at has a link at the top to a different LodgeAComplaint form.


      What I'd like to do at the back-end is to display a Complaint Tab only when IncidentType is set to "Complaint" aka info is sent in from the Complaint form.


      Also, is there a way to turn off Smart Assistant for only this complaint form but maintain it on the AskAQ form?

    • Adrian Lee

      I'm feeling a bit lost with this. Does anyone have any suggestion?


      Basically what I want to do is to have 2 forms - AskAQuestion and LodgeAComplaint.


      AskAQuestion is a simple form that handles general enquiries. It's the standard RNT Ask form.


      LodgeAComplaint has more fields (contact, incidents) and require the visitor to also attach documents to support that complaint.


      When submitted, SmartAssistant should suggest related answer on AskAQuestion but not on LodgeAComplaint.  There should also be different SLAs for enquiries and complaints.


      At the back end, on the incident workspace, there will be a IncidentType field that shows the Agent if this is an Enquiry or Complaint.  If it shows its a Complaint then the agent would know that there is more info available on one of the tabs (complaints).


      How would I be able to differentiate an enquiry from a complaint? Is there a way to tell which form the incident was created from?  In that case, I could write a rule to set IncidentType to whichever type it was.


      Thanks in advance for any replies.

    • Dietrik

      You should add the fields to your page, and make them hidden. As you can't set default values per page, it might be easiest to use two custom fields, one to mark the "question" and one for the "complaint "so you can set the default values in the console. Otherwise you'll have to create a custom input widget.


      There are some other posts about these subjects.


      The smart assistant can then be configured in the rules by checking the custom field values for "question" or "compiant"

    • Leif Wickland

      When you say,

      "What I'd like to do at the back-end is to display a Complaint Tab only when IncidentType is set to 'Complaint' aka info is sent in from the Complaint form."

      do you mean that you want the complaint page to have a navigation tab labeled "complaint?"
    • Robert Lund

      I would consider breaking this into two separate ask pages. You could keep /app/ask for the generic submission, and then break out something like /app/complaint for submitting a more specific complaint incident. This would also allow you to easily have smart assistant on one, but not on the other. As well as, not having to worry about making fields hidden or visible. We do this in a couple of different areas on The following are all ask pages on our site (viewing these pages maybe depend on your permissions):



      You might also think about making a specific category for 'Complaint' instead of creating a new custom field. You could then just automatically set all incidents from your complaint ask form to the 'Complaint' category. You could do this automatic category setting with either Incident Rules or using the Pre_Incident_Create hook.


      Lastly, is this something that could possibly be handled by modifing one or more of the standard feedback widgets? There are both site feedback and answer feedback widgets available, and I believe both can submit incidents if the rating is below a threshold you set.



    • Adrian Lee

      Despite trying a few options, I have not managed to get this to work.


      Is there a way to tell from which source the incident is being created from? Whether Ask A Question or the Lodge a Complaint form? If there is then I could just create a incident rule and check from what source it was created from. But under incident rules I could only see Ask A Question under end user pages.

    • Leif Wickland
      Adrian Lee,

      Are you still trying to populate a custom field with different values to indicate if the incident is a complaint or a question? Did you go the route of using two forms? If so, did you try putting hidden inputs on each to set the value of that custom field?
    • Adrian Lee

      Yes, I have two forms. One for AskAQuestion and one for Complaints.


      How do I hide and give each form a different selected value in the custom field?


      Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Robert Lund

      You might currently be using standard/field/InputCustomAll widget on your pages, which will show all enduser visible custom fields. If you would like to only show specific fields, you can replace InputCustomAll with one standard/field/Input widget per custom field you want to display. Just make sure you specify the cf_id attribute for each widget. This way you could show one custom field on one ask page, and a different one on your second ask page.



    • Shiloh Madsen
      It doesn't seem like the question that I was hoping to see an answer to was actually addressed here. You mention "hiding" a custom field which is populated with the value needed. How do you get his field to hide? I tried wrapping it in a div with display:none set, however it isn't working. I assume this is due to the fact that the input controls are all placed within a table, which breaks my div. Currently I just have a hard coded style of display:none on the id of the tr that holds this element, but I know it isn't the best solution. How should I go about hiding this field?
    • Steven Hughes

      all of the reference links above now display 404 errors:

      Why does this site have so many 404's? Is it because of the Oracle merger? 

    • Patrick Walsh

      Hi Steven,

      This thread is from 2009 so the links are outdated.  Links inside user generated comments aren't managed by the site admins, so may age ungracefully.  For the specific links you mentioned, two are still available, but under



      Using the versions of the links should still work though.  For me, going to redirects me to  Is that not happening for you?  

    • Steven Hughes

      Yes, looks like redirects are now in place.

    • Denise Meehan

      Hide a field....

      Put the field in a DIV tag. Create a CSS Style to hide the field... example:


      <div id="hide">   <rn:widget path="standard/input/ProductCategoryInput" table="incidents" default_value="808" required_lvl="1"/></div>

      #hide {
       visibility: hidden;