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    byron stearns
    Oracle Engagement Cloud forever stuck fetching data and...
    Topic posted July 11, 2019 by byron stearns, last edited July 11, 2019, tagged Configuration and Administration, Setup and Configuration 
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    Oracle Engagement Cloud forever stuck fetching data and screenpop throwing errors
    Any config that requires to fetch a list of options is forever fetching data, I am unable to configure things that I need to configure
    Hello, currently I have an issue where after trying to configure my toolbar's domain to be whitelisted for CORS the system got stuck fetching data, and I am unable to configure the other options that I need for my toolbar to access the REST api to create activities upon new channel interactions.

    I also am running into issues with screenpop va startCommEvent api call throwing errors suddenly after have been working for a while. The error that gets thrown is "oracle.apps.crmCommon.salesParties.salesPartiesService.applicationModule.SalesPartyAMlmpl@28e73033 doesUserHaveSalesPriv : partyId value is mandatory oracle.apps.fnd.applcore.messages.FndMessagesUtil$FndMapResourceBundle". However a manual invocation of invokeScreenPop() works flawlessly. Thanks

    PS. How do I access the incident log




    • Veena Verma

      Hello Byron,

         Is this still an issue? If yes, can you please provide some additional information:

      1. What version of Engagement Cloud are you on?

      2. Where are you trying to screen pop to?