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    Atul Kumar
    Purchase Order created via web service is not defaulting...
    Topic posted October 9, 2018 by Atul KumarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Agreements, Approvals/Notification, Approved Supplier List, BI Publisher Reports, Business Intelligence, Create Requisition, FAQ, Fusion, How-To, Manage Procurement Catalog, Notifications, Requisition Processing, Security, Setup, Supplier Communication, Tip, Web Services 
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    Purchase Order created via web service is not defaulting blanket agreement number on the PO
    Purchase Order created via web service is not defaulting blanket agreement number on the PO

    When creating Purchase Order (PO) via WebService, the Blanket agreement number is not defaulted on the created PO however when the PO is created with same details is created via Oracle UI, the Blanket agreement number and agreement lines are defaulted in the PO. Please advice




    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Atul,

      Please open a service request if you have not done so already.



      • Atul Kumar

        Hi Ivan

        I already raised SR: 3-18402757481 : [IMPL SPT] Purchase Order creation via web service not defaulting blanket agreement however as per engineer this is not feasible and there is no work around at this point of time and we need to raise a ER for this



        Atul Kumar

        • Sathish Jackson Putti Vincent

          Hi Atul,

          Reviewed the SR details. Just so that I understand the use case clearly, do you want to provide a BPA reference explicitly during PO creation via web service (POWS) or are you expecting the BPA to be sourced automatically by the system when the PO is created?

          If it's former, are you getting any error in POWS during PO creation when providing a BPA reference? The update mentioned in the SR i.e., "create purchase order service is not allowing any BPA Number or it will not add default BPA Number" is not clear to me. If it's latter, if the PO created is in Incomplete status, you can edit the PO in Purchasing UI and provide a source agreement manually. By the way, is the desired BPA displayed under the Source Agreement LOV when accessing the PO in the UI?

          Please let me know on the above queries.