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    Dev Thota
    How to exclude one PO item cost in work order costs
    Topic posted November 18, 2019 by Dev ThotaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Cost Management, Financials, Fusion, General Ledger, Inventory & Cost Management Analytics Cloud, OTBI, Payables, Public Sector, Tip, White Paper 
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    How to exclude one PO item cost in work order costs
    How to exclude one PO item cost in work order costs

    We have an OSP PO with multiple items, we need to exclude one item of the PO in the work order. The requirement is as below.

    PO Number: PO123

    Item1: 2$

    Item2: 3$

    Item3: 5$

    Currently the WO is costed as 10$, but we would like to exclude the item2 i.e 3$ and make the work order cost as 7$. I have defined the costing attributes as shown in the screenshot. Can you please check and help us on this?




    • Srinivasa Raghavan

      If you set the costing enabled flag to N, then the receipt to work order transaction will not be interfaced to costing and hence will not be included in the work order cost. If you are looking to fix the cost for just work order, you can try adjusting the cost using the receipt cost adjustment functionality.



      • Dev Thota

        I created a PO with two lines one with costing flag Yes and another with costing flag "No" with 1 $ each, I performed WO,PO,costing activities, while reviewing the WO cost it is 2$ that means it included the cost disabled item as well. My requirement is to get the cost as 1$ that is only for cost enabled flag, can you please review the attached screen shot and let me know if any thing is wrong?

    • Srinivasa Raghavan

      By design, any item that has costing enabled = No should not get interfaced to costing. Can you please log a service request so that we can help you with this?