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    Sathya Kannan
    Journal Approval rule error - An Unresolvable Error Has...
    Topic posted January 28, 2019 by Sathya KannanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Configuration, Discussion Forums, Financials, Fusion, General Ledger, Setup, Setup / Administration, Upgrade 
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    Journal Approval rule error - An Unresolvable Error Has Occurred. Please Contact Your Administrator For More Information on BPM page.
    Unable to edit the Journal Approval Rule


    I'm trying to modify the Journal approval rule and as you can see from the screenshot attached, the pencil icon is grayed out.

    I've also followed the steps given by Oracle Support but it's not very helpful cause I don't see the button called 'Task Configuration'


    Alternative Solution:

    1. FA Home page -> Bell icon -> More Details -> (BPM Worklist comes up) -> (select username dropdown from top right) -> Administration  (Refer 2nd screenshot attached to this post)-> Task Configuration -> (choose FinExmWorkflowExpenseApproval task)

    2. Select the pencil (Edit task)

    3. Select Assignees -> Switch to Horizontal Layout

    4. Select the Cost Center Approval Stage (need to click on the header).

    The bottom section of the screen should show SoaOLabel.CostCenterApprovalStage

    In SoaOLabel.CostCenterApprovalStage, select Advanced and check the box for Ignore Stage.

    5. Repeat step 4 for Manager Approval Stage, and Expense Approval Stage.





    Sathya Kannan




    • Sathya Kannan
      • Felix Beaudoin

        Hey Sathya!
        If you cannot click on the pencil to edit the workflows, then you are missing one of the required roles.
        I would recommend anything with the "Application Administrator" name within the role and in this case, most likely the "Financial Application Administrator" role.

        If this does not resolve your issue, let me know and I will dig more precisely into the roles.

        • Sathya Kannan

          Hi Felix,

          The Financial Application Administrator role didn't fix the issue. Please investigate at your end and let me know if you find anything.



          Sathya Kannan

      • Jon Kelly


        Your screen looks slightly different from mine, but I can see the pencil is grayed out, but both the save and commit task buttons are available. On my end, that means that you area already in edit mode for the workflow rule and once you commit the changes or use the arrow to roll back the changes, you'll exit edit mode and the pencil is available to click again. Can you confirm what you see when you click on the "rules" tab? I'm attaching a document showing the pencil icon settings and how I navigate to ignore a rule set. See if that helps!




        • Sathya Kannan

          Hi Jon,


          Thanks for the doc which is very useful. 

          As you mentioned, the pencil icon gets enabled after I hit Commit but after I hit the Pencil to edit the rules, I get this error (mentioned below).


          An Unresolvable Error Has Occurred. Please Contact Your Administrator For More Information on BPM page.



          Sathya Kannan


    • Sathya Kannan

      Oracle have committed this issue as a bug and provided us a different URL to edit the journal approval rule.