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    Request Customer Review: Consolidated Whitepaper across...
    Topic posted August 22, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited August 23, 2019, tagged FAQ, White Paper 
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    Request Customer Review: Consolidated Whitepaper across applications by Date
    Is there a need among customers to see one Consolidated page that lists all Whitepapers by application and by date?


    Please see this post:

    One customer Marybeth had an ask about whether a consolidated page that lists all whitepapers across applications by date was available. I had followed up on this query with our documentation team and they have suggested that we seek more customer input on this. If there is enough customer interest (expressed through your ratings on this post) for this suggestion, they believe that makes a case for further review. Now, please understand that to collate this information is perhaps an arduous undertaking but to even evaluate that, they want to see sufficient customer interest.

    Ask from you: If you think there is a need in your organization for such a consolidated page, you can click RATE THIS POST.  We will be able to track the number of respondents.



    • Karthikeyan Sukumar

      There is no vote button.You need to post in idea section.Yes this very much needed



    • Ashok

      Good point :).

      Can you like this post instead? I have updated my post accordingly.

    • Mary King

      We would definitely find the consolidated whitepaper page very beneficial.  We have been on the cloud system for two years but with the new features and some process changes we rely heavily on the whitepapers to expand our understanding of the system.  I couldn't find a vote button so that I could mark it "YES".

    • Ashok

      Hi Mary

      Please use Like on the original post. 

    • Yolanda Banos

      This would be great!

    • Alan Rowland

      Ashok, querying on the various Oracle sites is an art, not a science.  I'm pretty good at it, but I've had lots of practice.  My users and junior support staff are frustrated.  Even something in the format of the Known Issues page which has the links to the various documents (e.g. Financials, SCM, Procurement, etc.) would be a help.

      Slightly off-topic, is there anyway to consolidate a list of the suggested/maximum number of records for ADFDI and FBDI by application? 


    • Ashok


      Thank you for the feedback. I tend to agree with the art, not science part. But then again, easy access never hurt anyone. If this post leads to some positive development, I am all for it.

      Now, to your question on any documentation that lists maximum/suggested records for ADFDI or FBDI: I am not aware of one. This again, might be something individual applications can ponder. I am not sure that such specific feature level detail can be consolidated across all products but if each product thinks it is necessary and viable to document this, I can see this being useful.

      For Procurement at least (my neck of the woods), I am not sure such a document exists. I will ask around and revert if I have anything useful to share.

    • Gopalakrishna Bulasala

      Good to have this. Thank you.


    • Piyush Bihany

      A single page having all the White Papers across application, surely will be helpful.

      Oracle Procurement Cloud and Fusion Procurement - Listing Of All White Papers (Doc ID 2177707.1) is one such proven example. :)

    • Marybeth Snodgrass


      Thank you so much for following up internally with this (from my original post)!!! Your prompt action and the customer service i've received from oracle in the past couple of months has been an outstanding improvement to years past. Thank you, thank you!!


    • Marybeth Snodgrass

      The peace of mind knowing that a central location will have all new/updated white papers as well would be a relief. I can't be sure if the handful of stand alone documents (like Oracle Procurement Cloud and Fusion Procurement - Listing Of All White Papers - Doc ID 2177707.1) with lists include new white papers and the latest updated docs. 

    • Joshua Vincent

      This would be very valuable as many white papers include tips/tricks on getting the most out of existing and new features. A single repository listing them chronologically and with categorizations (e.g., PPM, Procurement, etc.) would be ideal. Similarly, there are many published documents that should be consolidated for easy reference. These include all the drill-down documentation provided for the last several releases. I have as many as 5-6 different documents for this, each found in different places. A focus by Oracle on the consolidation and centralized/organized repository of white papers will significantly contribute to customer success.