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    John Binder
    RightFax Fax Integration and Oracle Fusion Cloud
    Topic posted November 8, 2019 by John Binder, tagged How-To, Supplier Communication, Tip 
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    RightFax Fax Integration and Oracle Fusion Cloud
    Looking to see what other customers are using for Fax Capabilities with Oracle Cloud

    Hello Everyone,

    I was doing some research to determine what Oracle supports in terms of Faxing Software.  Our organization is utilizing RightFax and we trying to migrate our Enterprise over to using strictly RightFax.  I noticed that Oracle doesn't support Rightfax and only uses CUPS for Printing and Faxing capabilities.  I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone was using software other than CUPS or even RightFax and what the experience has been.  For us our Supply Chain team has a requirement to be able to Fax some suppliers that still require Fax. 

    Thank you,

    John Binder

    Hopefully I chose the right place to put this question. New to the community and still learning.

    Oracle Doc for reference:


    Oracle Cloud 19D



    • Judy Hamner

      We are using eFax.  It allows you to set up the fax number as an email address in order to fax to suppliers. 

      Judy Hamner