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    Fernando Boechi
    Connection returns unauthorized error (401) via...
    Topic posted January 8, 2019 by Fernando Boechi, tagged REST, Security, Services 
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    Connection returns unauthorized error (401) via browser but in test in service conection is success

    I have a visual builder application that has a service connection for endpoint rest, after we changed the Basic Authentication user password (OIC) in the authentication tab, we run tests on the test tab is it worked successfully.

    But when we run the application via browser the connection returns an unauthorized error (401), did someone get it?




    • John Ceccarelli

      Strange. Are you running a staged version of the app? Does the page designer return the REST correctly?

    • Nathan Zentner

      Is there mappings that are not set.  I have ran into a situation that when you create a post request that does not require anything, you still have to map a blank body "{}"