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    Suman Dhar
    Issue with Purchase Requisition Approval process
    Topic posted April 23, 2017 by Suman Dhar, tagged Approvals, Requisition Processing 
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    Issue with Purchase Requisition Approval process
    Unable to route requisition to an approver that is not tagged to the standard Oracle role “Project Manager” on the project definition

    We have a requirement to route Project related Requisition approval to Production Manager tagged to the project when the requisition is below a $$ value and route to Line Producer tagged to the project when the requisition is above a $$ value.  We are finding that standard behavior is to route the requisition to only the person tagged to the standard Oracle role “Project Manager” (Line Producer for us) on the project definition.  So routing the requisition to Production Manager based on $$ limits is not achievable.  We opened SR and Oracle is telling that this an ER.  If you are aware of any approach to work around the product limitations, please share with us.



    • Sumana Sarkar

      Hello Suman,

      This requirement is not achievable right now and is tracked by Enhancement Request Bug 26097481.

      It is possible to  configure projects dff and have the requisition preparer manually pick the level 1, level 2 approver but this really option may not be practical as it would need the preparer to know who the level 1, level 2 approvers are for each project.

      Thanks and Regards


    • Travis Crane


      We also have this type of requirement and I went down the same road that it looks like you have gone down...open an SR and try to select a role other than "Project Manager".

      I have good news for you.  It is possible.  We are doing it and we are about to go to Production with this approach.

      We are using 5 Team Member or Party Roles in the Project to drive the BPM Rules.

      Steps to take:

      1. The first thing that you need to do is to request that the Procurement POD be reverted back to BPM.  This info was provided to us by David Chan of Oracle Development.  
        • You can refer to my SR...3-16130793401 : BPM Rule Not Using the Condition Browser for the USER Action.  I know you won't be able to see this SR but you can refer to it in your SR so that Oracle will know what to do for your request.
        • This Reverting of the POD cleans everything between the standard Rules UI and the BPM Worklist Rules.  You will need to use the BPM Worklist Rules going forward.
      2. You will need to create some DFFs based on the different dollar amounts in your Project Costing Details DFFs…Then the “POR: Requisition” Context


      1. Then I added several DFFs in order to accommodate for the different dollar amounts.
        1. Note the Project Legal Entity DFF is for tying the Company Segment of the Charge Account to the Project Legal Entity.


      1. Once the DFFs were created I opened the BPM Rules and synchronized the DFFs.


      1. Then in the Rules I used the Condition Browser to find my DFFs.
        1. PJCDFFPOR5FRequisition.tier3ReqApprover


      1. Commit Tasks and test.

      See attached doc for the screenshots.  I know this is a bit short but I don't have much time right now and I am off for the next 2 days.  I will check back Monday.

      Saman.docx (259KB)