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    s nagavarapu
    Supplier contact information to come from the requisition
    Topic posted March 4, 2019 by s nagavarapuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Orders, Requisition Processing, Supplier Communication 
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    Supplier contact information to come from the requisition
    supplier contact to be picked from the requisition during Auto create PO process

    Per our clients scenarios, we enabled setups to auto create POs from approved requisitions.  The requisitioners while creating requisitions, they enter the supplier, site and contact information.  But when the PO is created from the requisition, it always picks the primary supplier site contact and communicates the PO to that contact.

    Is there any setup to pick up the supplier contact from requisition instead of primary contact defined at the supplier definition. 

    The requirement is :

    1) The PO to communicated to the supplier contact or email given at the requisition creation

    2) If the supplier contact is left blank at the requisition creation, it should not be communicated to supplier (though the supplier is enabled for email communication at the supplier site definition)





    • Jaco Van der Gaag

      Regarding point 1, needed feature for client we currently implement. They have a lot of changing contact persons so I would be really time consuming to create and maintain those on supplier side. For now we use a (time consuming) workaround that the requester manually sends the PO to the contact person. This workaround has also the downside that the requester sometimes forgets to send the PO, since he has to wait until the PR is approved and the PO is created.


    • Alan

      Something that I have done in the past is to ask your supplier to create a group email and you would use that as your PO Transmission Email, it does not solve the issue with having the requester or requisitioner select who they want the PO to be communicated to if there are multiple contacts associated with the supplier record, but at least it will save time in having to ask the requester to manually send the PO to the contact person.

      I would assume that this should be something that can be defaulted? If we had multiple contact names and emails, shouldn't we be able to choose which one we want the PO to be transmitted to?

      Is there a way to have the requester or requisitioner select upfront at the time of PR Creation if they want the PO transmitted or not?