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    Rajib Pramanik
    Primavera Vs PPM
    Topic posted September 25, 2018 by Rajib PramanikRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Configuration, Financials 
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    Primavera Vs PPM
    Primavera Vs PPM

    Hi Gurus,

    I am trying to understand the difference between Primavera & PPM Modules. Can you elaborate

    a. What are the additional benefits of using Primavera application over Oracle PPM Cloud ?

    b. Does Primavera capable of perform accounting ?








    • Evan Danek

      Our organization runs both Primavera P6 and Cloud ERP PPM.

      P6 uses for us: project scheduling, work breakdown structure, critical path methodology

      ERP PPM uses for us: project accounting

      We copy the same WBS generated in P6 over to ERP PPM. This has proven to maybe not be the best idea, since the size of some of our projects (15k+ tasks) has proven ornery for the UI, but our internal customers wanted to track cost at the lowest level possible. You can use ERP PPM for project execution management, but it does not have the same features as P6 (most notably for us, no critical path). We have wanted to integrate the two but there are only one or two customers out there that have successfully integrated Cloud ERP and P6, and all via custom APIs and BI report extracts, nothing pre-built or upgrade-stable.

      I know Oracle is working on a new product, projects prime, that is supposed to bridge the gaps in these two applications.

      • Rajib Pramanik

        Thanks for your explanation, that really helps. If you can make reply some of the related queries as well

        1. Which product is preferred for defining Budgets & Forecasts ?

        2. Is ERP PPM is more preferred for tracking & accounting cost against tasks ?

        3. From Billing perspective, which one is more preferred ?

        Appreciate your help.




        • Evan Danek

          These are all based on our own use case but:

          1: Budgets and Forecasts are loaded into both, I believe. This is definitely duplicitous/ unnecessary, but our internal customers wanted to plan in P6 then compare budget to actual in ERP.

          2: Yes, ERP is the single source of truth for actuals. We have OTL and our P2P process feeding costs into the ERP Project Financial Management module.

          3. We bill using AR, but we have only 5 major customers. We configured project/ contract billing, but haven't seen a value in using it.... yet. We probably will in the future.

          Are you working on a specific client that's running both systems? If so, we'd be interested in networking with them.

      • John Tolmachoff

        Adding in my experience.  Whether in EBS or Cloud ERP PPM, at its core, PPM is always a Project Accounting capability first and foremost. When integrating Primavera or any other non-ERP Project Scheduling (MSP, etc) the only WBS's/Task's that should be loaded into PPM are those driving cost collections and/or billing events.  Any financial events.  The large majority of WBS's are proj management driven and have zero financial impact, and should never be in the ERP. 

        Cloud PPM does not have this yet and not sure if it is on the roadmap.  In EBS the Proj Mgmt module name was changed to Project Controls when the Cost Breakdown Structure was added.  The CBS is the level of detail needed from Primvera, not the full WBS list.