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    Customer Input Please: Approvals Question
    Topic posted November 7, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited November 8, 2019, tagged Approvals, Setup 
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    Customer Input Please: Approvals Question
    Please provide your input to this Approvals related query

    Hello Customers

    I have an Approvals related query. We have been reviewing the approvals configuration internally in context of questions and features that you have asked about.

    One of the features that we support today (Please see the screenshot for context) is Supervisory Hierarchy based approvals. Of course, as you are all aware, this can be configured to start with various types of users: Preparer, Requester, Specific Worker, etc.

    My question is on: Specific Worker

    Once you select Specific Worker, the system then ask whether the approval hierarchy should begin with said worker or Manager of Specific Worker

    Question for you:

    Do you use Manager of Specific Worker in your approval rule configurations? 

    If yes, can you provide some business driven examples / use cases?

    Why we want to know:

    We are interested in understanding if these features are being used and how that may drive future direction on whether to support these going forward.

    Thanks in advance for your time and participation.



    • Ashok
    • John Lay

      Depends on the organization structure but typical is to start with Manager. Business reason is to ensure the person submitting the approval always has a level of authorization oversight. Example is requester is upper level manager with sufficient authority to approve the request but policy requires all requests for approval include at least one level above requester.

      Have see some alternative structures where the Start with is a variable based on document value. Low value start with specific worker and higher value start with manager.

    • Ashok

      Hi John

      Thanks for the revert. The usage of the resource Worker in my question assumed that resource was really not the requester. So basically I guess my question comes down to:

      If I am going to start my supervisory hierarchy to approve a requisition with John Lay who is an approver in his own right and a valid one, do you see use cases where I start with John Lay's manager, keeping in mind John Lay is not the requester in this scenario?



      • John Lay

        As your setup of Specific Worker uses a named person this means all approvals route to the same person that is assumed to be within the delegation authority for all approval requests. With that setup then starting with the specific worker is fine as it maintains separation of duties with one exception. What happens when the Specific Worker in the approval setup is also the Requester?

        As a rule, I always try to avoid a named person in rules as it can add to maintenance if the person fails to setup vacation rules or leaves the role or company. In organizations that use a central approach to approvals such as this I usually recommend Approval Groups with First Response Wins so a backup is always defined within the Approval Group.

        While writing this I am thinking of Requisition approval but other areas such as Negotiation approval that may not be seeking spend authorization could be different.

        • John Lay

          As a followup, where I would possibly use a named person is in a FYI rule where there is a specific worker who wants to know about documents within a certain set of conditions.

    • Ashok

      Excellent feedback. Thank you very much. Based on your feedback, I don't believe you are actually using Worker or Manager or Worker in your rules configuration in any of these flows (Self Service, Suppliers etc.). Would that be a fair conclusion?