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    Jim Van Tongerloo
    Approvals: Use Supervisor Hierarchy but skip CEO
    Topic posted June 26, 2019 by Jim Van TongerlooGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Create Requisition 
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    Approvals: Use Supervisor Hierarchy but skip CEO
    Approvals: Use Supervisor Hierarchy but skip CEO


    We want to use the Supervisor Hierarchy until the CEO is reached. Since level at which the requester is can be different, we set our 'number of levels' high enough so it will definitely reach the CEO (top worker).

    But we don't actually want the CEO to approve. (Ideally, we would have the approval stop on the level BEFORE the CEO).

    What are the options to achieve such thing in Procurement? Have the CEO user set up auto approval rules for anything that comes in for him?




    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Is this possible, if it is set up for the CEO?

    • Ashok


      I think we have covered this discussion in the past in forums. I need to dig for some details. Will revert hopefully soon.

      I reviewed past forum posts and it appears we have addressed this almost exact question. There were a few alternatives discussed:

      1. Configure your approval rules such that the rules reach the top worker 1 level below the CEO

      2. If CEO must be included, auto approval rules for when it reaches the CEO (this is something you have considered it appears, this was not specifically brought up in that post)

      3. The main proposal was to set up Substitution rules. I have attached a document that provided the navigation steps from that post.

      • Jim Van Tongerloo

        Hi Ashok,

        1. Is not preferred, as we never know how much levels are going to be involved. And the approvals require you to give a certain number of levels to perform.

        2. Yes, I was wondering if this would work, will test later.

        3. I'm not familiar with Substitution rules, I will look up more info later.
        EDIT: it would seem that you would just route them to another person.. which is not what we want either (see answer on reply of Kevin below).

    • Kevin McCulley

      We solved a similar problem by adding a rule to delegate all approvals that make it to the Chief Exec back down to the Director of Finance.

      • Jim Van Tongerloo

        Hi Kevin,

        I've thought of this, but there's a board of directors reporting to the CEO. Depending on which Requester initiated the PR, a different Board DIrector is involved.

        So routing it all back to CFO, like you say, might mean an additional approval which they do not want.