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    John Wilson Cusi
    Passing values from Service Request Page to Contacts Create...
    Topic posted October 12, 2019 by John Wilson CusiBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Service Request Management 
    Passing values from Service Request Page to Contacts Create Page field
    How to pass/set a value from SR Page to Contacts Create Page?

    Hi all,

    Is this scenario possible in Oracle Engagement Cloud?


    I have a custom FCL field in SR called SR Type. When a specific value is selected, I need to create a new Contact via the SR's Primary Contact field. And when the Contact Create Page comes up, I need a custom text field (Created from) to automatically be set to "Service Request". Is this possible. If so, what is the approach in accomplishing this?

    I am aware that we could create additional custom fields in Service Request for the creation of a contact, populate values, then just trigger a groovy script to create a contact. But this will consume the custom field counts in the Service Request object and prospect client doesn't want this.