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    david fulton
    The Customer Portal Best Practices List
    Topic posted September 10, 2008 by david fultonBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited June 18, 2009 
    The Customer Portal Best Practices List

    The sticky post is intended as a living list of recommended do's and don'ts with the Customer Portal offering.  Each of the Best Practices links to a separate discussion thread that is dedicated to discussing that particular best practice. 


    We'll want to keep the format the keep it clean and easy to use, but we would love to add recommendations and best practices from other moderators, customers, and really anyone else who is getting up to speed on Customer Portal. :)


    1. Customize look & feel of widgets

    2. Changing the Views File/Page

    3. Considerations for the "Powered by RightNow" logo

    4. Managing your /Asset directory between Dev & Production

    5. Upgrading to the most robust version of Customer Portal

    6. Passing session info to new/custom pages

    7. Testing RightNow pages with tags

    8. Naming Widgets

    9. Deploying page sets in Customer Portal

    10. Delete un-used pages before deploying

    11. If you add parameters to the URL use urlParmAdd() or add them in pairs  

    12. Doing searches against large data sets


    Keep them coming! The more people that can share the fruits of their labors, the better! :)