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    Boyuan Zhu
    Purchasing Attachments FAQ
    Topic posted April 21, 2018 by Boyuan ZhuBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited August 7, 2018, tagged Approvals/Notification, FAQ, Orders, Supplier Communication 
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    Purchasing Attachments FAQ

    Customers can upload attachments to their purchasing documents and communicate those attachments to internal approvers and suppliers. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

    1. How many attachments can be uploaded to a purchasing document, and how big can they be?
    There are no limits on how many files can be uploaded to the document. The maximum size of an uploaded file is 2 GB. This value is controlled by the FND_FILE_UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE profile option on the Manage Administrator Profile Values page. The limit on the total size of uploaded files is determined by the space purchased for the Content Server.

    When communicating attachments electronically or over email, there are additional limitations detailed in the answers below.  


    2. Are there any restrictions on what files can be uploaded?
    There are no restrictions on file type.


    3. What is the maximum attachment size limit for emails?
    The maximum email size (content + attachments) that can be sent by the mail server is 15MB. Any emails exceeding these settings will not be sent. On top of this setting, approval email and supplier communication email sizes are controlled by the additional settings below. 


    4. What happens when the size limit is exceeded in an approval notification email?
    Approval notification emails also respect the MaxSizeOfEmailAttachmentsInKB and MaxNumberOfEmailAttachments properties on the SOA server. The MaxSizeOfEmailAttachmentsInKB property controls the maximum email size and needs to be smaller or equal to the http.maxmessagesize. The default value is 5MB. The MaxNumberOfEmailAttachments property controls the number of attachments in an email and the default value is 10.

    Any attachments after 10 attachments or 5MB of total attachments will be attached as a link instead of a file in the notification. This behavior attempts to keep the email size below the maximum size so that the email can be sent. Attachments attached as links will not be visible in the email, but approvers will be able to view the attachment links in the online approval notification.


    5. What happens when the size limit is exceeded in a supplier communication email?
    Supplier communication emails will also respect the Maximum File Size Megabytes setting on the Configure Procurement Business Function page. The recommended setting is 5MB.

    If the total attachment size exceeds this setting, the email will be sent with only the PDF so that the email size is below maximum size. Additionally, a notification will be sent to the buyer indicating that not all attachments were sent to the supplier.


    6. Can attachments be sent as separate files in a supplier communication email?
    By default, attachments will be sent as a single Zip file in the supplier communication email. Customers who want to send the attachments as separate files can enable the feature Send Purchasing Document Attachments as Separate Files on the Edit Features: Purchasing page. The same size limitations apply to the total size of the separate files. 


    7. Can attachments be included in electronic communication?
    Attachments can be included in the bodies of OAGIS 10.1 purchase order outbound collaboration messages. To enable attachments in electronic communication, set the profile option Include Attachments in Electronic Communication to Yes. The maximum attachment size can be set on the Manage Collaboration Messaging Configuration page, and the default setting is 2MB.



    • MANISH S

      Hi Boyuan,

      Thanks for sharing these details.



    • Avner Chen

      Hi Boyuan,

      Excellent Post. Thanks MUCH for the details.

      Do you know how if and how I can update MaxSizeOfEmailAttachmentsInKB and MaxNumberOfEmailAttachments properties on the SOA server?



    • Avner Chen


      That is exactly what I did and I was told it is impossible 

      SR 3-19365401711 : Increase Requisition Approval Email file attachment size

      Any idea how I can convince or guide them?

      Thanks !

    • Avner Chen

      Hi Boyuan,

      Here is my conclusion from the process with Support

      1. The settings controlling Email notification attachment size and number of attachments are located in the BPM Administration bottom of the page
      1. Setting Maximum Size if Email Attachments (in MB) to 15M is risky since emails with attachments in 10M-15M are not sent AL ALL!!! (not even email with message “The task has attachments which are not included in this email…”)
        The reason - although the SOA server processes the emails, the SMTP rejects them. Here is the explanation by Operations team:

      The relaying is being denied by the mail relay as the emails exceed the (15000KB) maximum mail size supported by OPC. This size limit is the total size of the email, including headers, message and attachments. Attachments are "uuencoded" so they can be transmitted as ASCII characters, and uuencoded files are often larger than the reported size of the attachment you're emailing, you should aim to have attachments of less than 10MB. 

      Therefore it is recommended to set it to 10M

    • Daniel Vargas

      Hi Boyuan,

      On the same line, during a sourcing process, if the are several attachments for a record, let say  A1, A2, A3, A4, is there any way to block the user from deleting i.e. attachment A2?

      Customer needs to have all versions of all the files loaded, for audit purposes


      Daniel Vargas