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    Chris Phillips
    Reviewing Routing with your Stakeholders
    Topic posted July 2, 2019 by Chris PhillipsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Routing / Optimization 
    Reviewing Routing with your Stakeholders
    Best practice suggestions for Reviewing Routing with your stakeholders

    Hi everybody.

    I wanted to post a topic to discuss making changes to Routing Plans/Profiles in OFSC.

    As Product owners of OFSC, me and my team are responsible for ensuring our organisation get the best out of the system. Routing as im sure everybody is aware is a big part of this and gives us great opportunities to obtain efficiency for our back office planners and field teams.

    We've been using OFSC for over a year now, and whilst we have implemented Routing and are gaining some efficiencies, I want to develop a process where we proactively review Routing logic based on KPIs and the routes that routing produces. 

    To that point, i wanted to ask the members of this community who utilise Routing and regularly review their logic to share some best practice and good ideas on how to do this. Things i'd like to consider:

    - Best ways to replicate "production like" situations in a test environment

    - What KPIs you are using to illustrate what "success" looks like from Routing

    - Tools and Techniques for recording Routing changes/outputs

    - How you manage the expectations of your stakeholders


    Any input would be greatly appreciated.