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    Chris Pinto
    How to populate the field "Invoice Group" using AP...
    Topic posted January 30, 2018 by Chris PintoBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    How to populate the field "Invoice Group" using AP Invoice webservice
    How to populate the field "Invoice Group" using AP Invoice webservice

    We are using the AP Invoice webservice and need to populate the field "Invoice Group". However, we cannot identify the field. The link to the webservice is as follows:


    PS - we have tried "GroupID"




    • Shivmohan Purohit

      My suggestion would be use :  GroupId



      Group identifier.

    • Becky Alvarez

      The submitInvoiceImport resource allows to submit the import job with "importSet" and "groupName" (which is the AP Invoice group name).

        For further details you can refer the service details at the below links.

          Rel 12 InvoiceInterfaceService.

          Rel13 (17D) InvoiceInterfaceService.


    • Becky Alvarez

      So basically the Invoice Group Name is part of the import job parameter.  So you provide that as part of the SOAP call.

      Hope that answers your question.

      • Chris Pinto

        Thanks for the update Becky. I'll give it a try!

      • Chris Pinto

        Hi Becky,

        We tried passing a value the field groupname. However, no field was populated. I am not really conversant with webservices, but, here is what we passed:

    • Becky Alvarez

      I checked with the developers and basically, when invoice group is passed in the import job as a parameter it would not populate anything in the interface data. Rather once the import is successful and invoices are created in AP, customer can query them on UI and find the invoice group displayed just below Legal entity in the invoice header section of invoice workbench.

      The invoice group gets stored in AP_Batches_all during the import process. The batch_name in this table stores the group name.

      So once the invoice has successfully been imported into AP go to manage invoices and search for the invoice and open it up and see if the invoice is populated, or better yet use the invoice group as one of the search parameters if you want.