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    Boyuan Zhu
    How to Show the Order Total with Tax on the PDF
    Topic posted January 31, 2019 by Boyuan ZhuBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, How-To, Orders 
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    How to Show the Order Total with Tax on the PDF

    The seeded order PDF shows the total amount of goods and services you purchased. Your approvers or your suppliers may have requirements to see the total amount with exclusive tax included. You can customize the data model and template to display the sum of the ordered amount and exclusive tax

    1. Add the following expression to your data model at the end of the existing select clause in your header datasets. The position in the clause is important because the expression depends on values calculated by existing seeded expressions. 
      PO_BIP_HELPER.get_formatted_display(PO_BIP_HELPER.get_global_attr('ORGORDEREDAMOUNT') + PO_BIP_HELPER.get_global_attr('RECOVERABLE') + PO_BIP_HELPER.get_global_attr('NONRECOVERABLE')) AS TotalWithTaxDisplay


    2. By default, the attribute tag in the XML will be upper case (TOTALWITHTAXDISPLAY). You can change this to camelcase in the structure tab. 

    3. Finally, add the attribute to the template <?TotalWithTaxDisplay?>