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    Vrajesh Jadawala
    Limitation of Number of User Defined Attributes
    Topic posted February 12, 2019 by Vrajesh JadawalaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited February 14, 2019 by AshokGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged Approvals 
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    Limitation of Number of User Defined Attributes
    Limitation of Number of User Defined Attributes


    We are having requirement of summation based user defined attributes in requisition and change order approval. 
    Please see screenshots attached for setups done by us. 

    However we reached to issue that we can only define 50 User defined attributes and not more than that. 
    We are facing error on adding new user defined attribute. 

    How can I increase user defined attributes upto 350! 
    Please advise! 



    • Swami Amajala

      Surprised that you have maxed out the user defined attributes available. I am not aware of any option to increase that number as that is based on the columns available in underlying table.

      There should be another way possible to achieve the routing based on rules. If you could share the requirement for approval policy we can suggest an alternate way to do this instead of user defined attributes.



      • Vrajesh Jadawala

        Hi Swami

        Thanks for prompt update!

        Requirement is simple.

        1.Approval is required on procurement category level

        2.That procurement category can be entered in multiple lines in single PR.




        Line-1 Category-Admin 3000$

        Line-2 Category-Admin 5000$

        Line-3 Category-HR 2000$

        PR Total - 10000$

        Approver Bucket Setup

        Admin upto 5000$ Mr A

        Admin More than 5000$ Mr B

        HR upto 5000$ Mr C

        Bases this requirement

        Approval should go to Mr.B (As Admin Category total is more than 5000 i.e.8000 in this example)

        and should also go to Mr.C (as HR category is less than 5000)

        Summation user defined attribute is ONLY solution I can think of for each category!

        As seeded attributes like Line Amount and Header amount will NOT fulfill this requirement,just for clarification in above example Line Amts are 3000,5000 in Admin Category which will hit wrong approval bucket and same for header as total of PR is 10000,it would hit wrong bucket


        And last thing,we have approx 315 such categories for which rule needs to be configured.

        I dont think it is unique requirement,it is simple requirement to hit approval bucket bases relevant Category total amounts in PR instead of Line or Header amount!

        Any workaround,you can think of!